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How a State really Operates Part 2 -Money and market economy as an expropriation of funds

Our conscience is to be considered as our voice within us. It is able to distinguish wrong from right. But still, we wake-up every morning and betray ourselves. We talk ourselves in to believing our lives would be something like a marketplace, and that we could only win, if we left others behind, or if others loose, to be more precisely.

Some people already conjecture, that what we practice and define as economy and a community can´t really work and both are in fact not continuously sustainable.

And still, the discontent of these people is simply because they don´t want to change from the winning team to the side of the loosers. They don´t want to change the system at all. All they want is a clear definition of the looser´s side, and this definition is to be held upright eternally.

This is the only solution they have consurnung the system. In other words the observance of the rules of economy is to be maintained.

This is the reality of our value oriented society. A society full of hypocrisy and self-deception. These people develop solutions in corporation with the government in order to gain a position in the global feudal-system with out even knowing.

They don´t bother to seek for the cause, which led to the beginning of a value oriented society and the definition of their values. It is not their intention to let justice prevail on earth. Since they believe that justice on the one hand can only exist with injustuce on the other.hand.
And justice should predominate on our side of the hemisphere. Therefore injustice must be held upright in the rest of the world and the appropriate instrument has been found. We call it the free market system. But in reality the free market system is nothing more but a legalised defrauding system. The free market system is a system, which demands that a very clever person is to be found, who uses natural resources, which have the same price more or less in the world, in order to manufacture them into something else more cheaply as we could. This is called a free enterprise system, an interim profit, and an enterpreneural profit.

So far, many people did not fail to realize that the preservation of this system would lead to a global feudal-system. The industrial countries and their wealth are being admired by the poorer countries. Therefore guidelines are being established by the former countries and everybody must follow them. This means the next step into a feudal-system. A global uniform free enterprise system with strict regulations under the supervision of the leading countries. A system in which the winners let loosers remain as loosers. In fact, they must remain as loosers.

The porousness of the classes must be prevented. Otherwise our monetary system with this kind of money-emergence would not be sustainable. The ruling elite is only being expanded on china and the rest of the world. And still many people refuse to realize that every winner must face a looser in this system. In the same way a christian had to face a lion. There is no solution within this System of winners and loosers. This system will never be fair! The only solution would be for the people to divide themselves into a ruling class and a suppressed class, just as people did in medieval times. We don´t bother to attempt to find out how our values are being defined. I say it again. The values that we consider to be right only develop themselves through the emergence of money. The money emerged out of the blue, this is true but if you want to get hold of it you are forced to provide certain guarantees taken from real sources. This caused our society, that we regard so highly, to develop in the way it did, and we don´t want to get rid of it. It would be interesting to reflect how the money-emergence could be changed in order for us to escape from this system of winners and loosers. Our so called free market system is nothing more but the obedience towards the money-emergence. It is not the people´s demand which sets the agenda concerning the manufacture of certain products. No, it is the compulsion to produce money. A lot of people tend to believe that the interest would be the cause for the emergence of money. But the truth is, if the interest did not exist, a lack of money will develop due to the cash generation, which would demand further secured loans because services will never be considered in the money supply during the emergence of money. In fact, the payment of a certain service will always be in relation to the money, which is already existing.

The best way to discuss this topic is to have a look on our recycling economy. The effort which is necessary for the preperation of already existing raw materials never refer to the money supply consurning the value of these materials. Which means, that the recovery of raw materials should be for free, otherwise the consumer would have to pay for increasing prices with his or her constant or even diminished income. This so called economic policy of the Green Party obey the same mechanism we could witness in the years before, under the reign of the major parties. A green economic policy is therefore only another term, which permits the maintainance of this system of money-emergence. Further more the green economic policy is a method to justify the imbalance on Earth and imbalance must be subsidized through tax money in return. Moreover, it will be considered free of charge from an economic standpoint. This Method also applies to supporting natural resources, in particular in the oil production.

This is the reason why there always is a lack of money everywhere and why further credits will have to be raised, no matter if we would abolish the interest or not. People´s assignment in a free market system is to find a clever person, who is able to manufacture raw materials into something else more cheaply as we could, as I said before. This is a very important fact in order to understand our value oriented society. To understand on what these values are based on and to realize how they have been deternined. Our economic system has developed itself to such an extend, that the only duty of our countries is to reduce the cost for people´s services in order to enable countries like Germany to offer the support of natural resorces at a lower price than other countries may do. The country, which will be triumphant in doing so will become world export champion. This country will subsidize the economy with the money of its citizens, so that they will be able to earn money. A supposed perpetuum mobile, which can´t work and we all know that, and this is the reason why our debt mountain keeps on growing continuously.

But we don´t want to bring a change. All we want is the country to gain more money in order to subsidize jobs. The government therefore should receive more taxes from the rich people. These are the kind of popular solutions you hear now and then. Since we don´t want to get rid of the gap between the rich and the poor because it is a part of our culture, a part of our value oriented society. It alway has been the duty of a country to cause the indebtedness of its citizens, if they should be unwilling to become indept. Even the countries have now reached the margin of their creditworthiness. This capitalis planned economy, which is based on an in justly emergence of money, demands more and more money by obtaining further more loans. The countries have no other choice than to reduce certain merits, or even to get rid of them entirely. To charge fees and to raise taxes under the circumstances of a demanded submission on behalf of the monetory system and the emergence of money. 

The countries never had duties besides the administration of human capital for the benefit of the economy, which only serves the system of money-emergence.
I therefor come to the conclusion that a real democracy has never existed on Earth, wether in the past nore in the prensent day.

We've never had a real democracy  

The Greek democracy was based on slavery. A modern democratic State should therefore never refer to Platon governance theories. Since Plato never criticized slavery in Greece. But maybe this is the reason why the Elite always uses Plato as a reference.

However, it happened to be when our economic system had reached it´s peak, that people did not recognize this system to be an impoverishing system with a country functioning as the guardian of the monetory system. The countries are forced to qualify their human capital of citizens for the benefit of our economy. Further, a state is obliged to ensure a people charity when they enter the end of service with in the economic system of a so called social state. This social state is being removed step by step to our dismay.
Talking about a social state, we are looking forward to the privatization of the railway, the waterworks and the waste water treatment, causing the state to interfere by putting more and more tax money in the free enterprise economy. It has no choice. Otherwise our value oriented society could not be maintained.

It would be even more dramatic, if people would notice that our oriented society never had been founded on neither order nore justice and it certainly did not develop in a natural way. It can only be traced back to the origins of money and its pervert emergence. A real solution will only be achieved, if bring a change to the money-emergence. Only a few people notice what would happen, if money would generate from a rendered performance. They simply don´t understand what a great change it would bring to mankind, to the value oriented society. Everything would turn in the other direction. But people evaluate the statement that money could possibly generated from a rendered performance from the perspective of our current value oriented society. This is absoluty impossible, because if money should really generate from a rendered performance, this would mean that our former values would be worthless. A new kind of value oriented society would develop, a real and just society. Everybody contributes. Even through parenting, which is in fact a great contribution to our society, but because parenting can´t be expressed in terms of some kind of payment it has become worthless. For this reason a lot of mothers need to go to work., so that their effort can be expressed through the money they earn. If money could generate from the contribution to society instead, a real economic market could be established, in which prices would really be set according according to the supply and demand. Of course this kind of free economic market does not exist. We all know that, we just have to acknowledge it.

Advertisement for instance creates desires within us, that hadn´t been their before. Is a product very expensive, it is of even less useful. We consider this product to be of pure luxury and these are values, we strive for. For every luxury we enjoy, another person will be vegetating with an empty stomach instaid of living in return. But if a performance would generate money, a totally different balance of power from the bottom to the top would come into being. We could get rid of the coercion exercised by the elite. The mass could easily control the elite. Because, if the mass should be forced to produce exceptionals through useless projects, like in Stuttgart 21 and in nuclear power plants, the parliament could decide on necessary measures concerning projects , as long as they wanted to, but it would be of no use, if the mass would refuse to cooperate. A real democratic could develop. The citizens should not depend on the good-will of certain decision makers. The decision makers should always need to make sure, that they obtain the reinsurance from the people, and this is deffenetly impossible at the moment because of the money-emergence, infact, it might be even on purpose. We all are led to believe, that benevolent decission makers are needed. But this is not the case. Since in a democracy the mass will decide.

It is absolutely paradox to believe, that in a democracy the weavers would have prevented the increasing technology arising from the industrialization. Since the weavers surely knew the new weaving looms would eliminate their jobs and they would hence live in poverty. Therefor a democracy would guarantee more justice. The right decisions on behalf of a revolutionary change concurning the technologies would have been made, and progress would be achieved. 

We do not need to change the money system, we must take a different value for the money creation!
This changes the values of society

Anyway, in the way we practice democracy, politics will always be in opposition to the interest of the people. In fact, we are led to believe that democracy would hinder a progress. No, this is not the case. Democracy would support a progress if it was for the benefit of the people, but if it only served just a few people, revolutionary technology wouldn´t be supported at all. This is a very important fact, but not wanted in our society. Therefor decisions made in parliament will be enforced with methods like brute police force and infact with military forces in the near future on German Territory.

However, even our discussion makers know, that man should not strive for a feudal system. Economy and politics will never acknowledge the fact that money-emergence is the cause for all mischief on Earth and they would always refuse to bring a change to the emergence of money.
Well, why don´t we just set an end to this economic system and leave this vale of tears. May the last persons finally understand, that this system never has been and never will be just.

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