Freitag, 18. Februar 2011

How a State Really Operates - States Are Poverty Managements

Well, actually we don't need to discuss political day-to-day business any more. The abolition of our welfare-state has already been concluded and can easily be seen in the current interpretation of our "value-oriented" society. A State never has been anything else then a ludicrous poverty seeking administration.

A State finances itself through its dependency employees, especially in the manufacturing industry. Machines, which in fact compete with human employees and don't pay any taxes. They are objects, which can be written-off. This means that a state will now be interested in writing-off the human capital, if it is considered to be non-profitable for the economy.

But how should we define the mechanism of society structure which is based on the concept of value? A State, however defines itself through a delineated territory and the people living there are citizens, who are forced to pay taxes. A democracy will not replace a king, but it is in fact a replacement of a royal household and its royal household manager. Since only a few are in possession of a state territory. This also applies to all means of production, all resources and to everything else in nature. These are all dependency creating values, generating dependent employees.

Should a dependant find himself left behind, in terms of being non-profitable, and unable to consume, he will be considered as being unvaluable. Our value system can be easily and completely explained by this thought of dependency. Everybody has an aspiration towards commodities, which generate the dependency of another person, and we consider this, as a state of being independent. This is why autocracy is the archetype of our system of value, because autocracy requires landed property and the ability of self-subsistence of a freeholder. If a freeholder is in possession of large piece of land, he will gain the facility to create dependencies himself. He is able to hire employees at a small remuneration. The excess profit that results from this management is the principle of our value oriented society. The goal is to increase the state of dependency. People who are left behind shall no longer be regarded as members of society, which leads to the loss of our principles of solidarity in society by degree, simply because a different behaviour is inefficient. Those people are not of use to anyone, nothing but a burden. Money, which is being spent on the unemployed, serves only one purpose, to calm down the poor.

Is it possible that money, which used to be provided for the poor, will no longer be given to them but to the authority of the state? In the near future? The state's duty is to ensure education, so that people can operate as efficient employees and eventually pay taxes. In other words, to begin the process of creating a relationship of dependency. This relationship of dependency is the basic source of income of every state. Especially to those that see the appeal of democracy. A relationship of independency has been achieved or established in our democracy. A democracy is in fact the administration of dependents by choice. Solidarity can be practiced among the dependent as long as enough money is handed over to the state through taxes. This is the only source of income that modern states have at their disposal. State enterprises have been privatised almost entirely. The state is unable to produce an income outside of taxes. The government has driven our administration deeper into a state of dependency. More so than ever before. This is do to the mechanisms of our "value oriented" society. The state, on the other hand, is in fact dependent on the economy as well. It depends on the citizens, who finance it.

The state does not support the interests of the citizens. It only serves the economy. By now, nobody disregards this fact. The tempo will be increased. It will get worse and it can't be stopped. Unless we begin the trans-valuation of our values. We need to consider that enterprises don't pay any taxes since they get them back from their customers and their dependents. Therefore you could consider an enterprise as the private taxman of the state, which increases its income through tax hikes that the state retains for its own benefits. The French Revolution had only led to a poverty seeking administration, whose establishment through the citizens had been granted by the actual owners. We shouldn't be surprised when the state, our government, the poverty seeking administration grant subsidies for companies instead of demanding tax money from them. Of course the state does not bite the hand that feeds it. We citizens really believe that we feed the state, but this is not the case. The state is being fed by taxes from the dependent employees, and this creates the illusion of feeding the state in us. But in case the economy does not provide any jobs, it will be impossible for the citizens to finance the state.

I therefore consider every state to be a poverty seeking administration, and our democracy is nothing more than an illusion. As long as a democracy is based on dependency, it will no enable society to make its own independent choices. Therefore, a state must sacrifice parts of its citizens in order to finance itself. This is exactly the mechanism all governments orient towards, and this is why actions and decisions of the state have now become so incomprehensible for its citizens.

We always tend to search for errors in the system instead in the emergence of money and the manifestation of our "value oriented" society. Today people are being considered as successful when they are rich. They are respected for moving and keeping the people into a state of dependency. In short, exploits them. But are these values really humane? I don't this so.

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Heute ist Politik nur ein Wirtschaftsdiskussion: Wer hat das beste Konzept zur Umverteilung der erzeugten Gewinne in der Marktwirtschaft. Doch diese Diskussionen werden hier nicht mehr geführt. Sie wurden als sinnlos erkannt und sind daher abgeschlossen.

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